• All about Kadmat Island travel & tourism information

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    All about Kadmat Island travel & tourism information
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    Kadmat island one among the Lakshadweep group of islands situated 407 kms. far from Kochi (Cochin), Kerala. The blue water lagoon is encircling the invaluable wealth of colourful corals, coral habitats, the reef banks, unspoilt virgin beaches, the sun and the moon!

    The most outstanding strength of Kadmat island lies in its marine wealth. Surrounded on the eastern and western side by large lagoons of spectacular beauty, long and sandy beaches that makes the place one of the ideal tourist destinations in the region. The coral reef, reef banks, seagrass and nesting ground for marine turtles etc all are very unique from an ecological perspective.

    Kadmat island is spindle shaped, broadest in the middle tapering towards the narrow strip at the southern end. One of the largest in Lakshadweep group, Kadmat is 8 Km long and 550 m wide at the broadest point. The major features associated with the island are reef flat, reef slope, lagoon, sandy beach and island vegetation.

    The lagoon is quite large and deep along the western side of the island with a narrow beach along the eastern side. The lagoon side of the shore is sandy beach, though at places, beach rock is exposed at the low tide mark. The depth of the lagoon varies from 2 to 3 m. The reef flat is about 50 m width and is totally exposed during the low tide. During the high tide, water exchange takes place between the lagoon and the open sea over the reef.

    Based on the ecological and economic value of this island, the Ministry of Environment and Forests and Union Territory of Lakshadweep Government have declared it as a marine protected area for preservation of these habitats and their resources.

    Kadmat reef has a high diversity with a total of 45 species of corals recorded during 1986.

    Tourism activities in the island is currently conducted in a controlled manner due to very low carrying capacity of the island and the fragility of the eco system. More over, the transport infrastructure making the accessibility very difficult.

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