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    The ‘Sourcebook of Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’

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    The ‘Sourcebook of Indo-Gulf Reparation Mechanisms’ reveals a truly horrific experience, roughly 19 years of the author’s prime of life, who is a UAE torture survivor of inside the regime’s brutal prison in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and most importantly a THREE times of ‘Judgment Creditor’ from the Legal Courts of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates and still is frustrated in the course of enforcing his judgments.

    The book also exposes ‘the Myths and reality’ of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs & Ministry of Indian External Affairs.

    The bureaucrats in both the Ministries (MOIA & MEA) are pretends to be public servants, all the while they are greedy blood suckers selling Indian workforce to the so called Gulf States, no matter how deeply their wounds may run. Indian migrants in the Gulf countries are continue to be exposed to the gross violation of Human Rights and exploitation, without due respect of their life and dignity.

    On the other hand, the victimization is multiplied many fold by the lack of knowledge or understanding of international norms and standards among the judiciary, that has been entrusted with a greater responsibility of supporting the victims and the survivors….VISIT ‘JFS PUBLICATIONS!’


    ‘Oh, I have lost my reputation! I have lost the immortal part of myself, and what remains is bestial’. The Executive of the State was duty bound to adhere to

    the orders of the Judiciary of the land. Flouting the orders of a judicial body is totally destructive of the Rules of Law and norms internationally upheld for safeguarding Human Rights. “Reputation of Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates!”


    Mindful, in particular, that a judgment debt is hanging over the Abu Dhabi Emirate, United Arab Emirates. The judgment is binding and enforceable by the

    court of Abu Dhabi from where the ruling came from. The Judgment debt of Abu Dhabi, can be eliminated or satisfied by the enforcement of judgments and legal remedies… “Publications!”



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    The articles on lives of inmates lodged in UAE Prison will be updated on a powerful campaign website (http://www.boycottuae.com/) from here on. None of the facts are exaggerated, and none of the stories have been tailored in order to dramatize the experiences. All the articles are the one-on-one account of prison life as told by people who have served in the prisons of the UAE. While putting up the site we have performed extensive research to present the facts in purest sense. All our research and findings have been incorporated in the website and where ever possible we have tried to include our references for the source of our information…Join the Boycott Campaign!